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Here are the services I perform:
I have been certified to evaluate your motor home, trailer, 5th wheel or camper.  I will inspect and report to you as the owner or buyer of the condition of my findings relating to the factor specifications and what needs attention. This is a service I provide at a very reasonable rate.  It is the smart way if either you are buying or selling an RV.  For the seller there is no last minute surprises that may be discovered by the buyer that may reduce your asking price because this problem was unknown.  For the buyer you want to make sure that what you are paying for and what was disclosed was correct because after a sale, especially a private sale, you own it and pay for all of the future repairs.  Inspections are needed to ensure satisfaction!
Having some questions about some of your appliances, how they work or why they are not working then contact me and I will come to where you are and explain the operation or repair if there is a problem.  Many times it is just a quick fix and you are ready to go.  There are so many makes and models of appliances that it is difficult for everyone to understand all of them.
This area is difficult because most oftern there are no wiring diagrams of home all the wires run and the problem could be just a fuse but where is it?  I am experienced in all electrical circuits and normally the problem can be resolved with in a few hours.  Intermittant electrical problems can be very difficult to fix and can take sometimes many trial and errors to finally figure out what it was that caused this.  I will do my best to make sure that you are aware of the findings and the time to correct

Roof and exterior repairs

Many of us do not realize that the exterior of our RV is important to be checked often to ensure it to be water tight so that the integrity remains intacted.  This inspection should be done every year or other year depnding on the age of your RV.  If your RV is over 5 years old and the service of a puff test has not been done then this is the time to do it. Click here for additional information
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