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The SEALTECH 43OR makes ingenious use of a very simple fact: air flowing through an opening covered with a soapy water ("surfactant") solution produces a bubble precisely at the opening.  The system draws outside air into the RV via the roof vent, where it is dispersed, creating a positive interior pressure.  This pressure difference causes air to flow outward through any outer skin faults.  The application of a soapy water solution to suspicious areas of the outer skin results in a very visible bubble exactly over each fault.

This is our method quick easy and exact with a warranty also. (normally takes 2 - 3 hours to test only) 

Please do not wait till I have to see you and perform major repairs that will take time and costs thousands of dollars.
This is the damage because of water causes when prevention is not taken!
How To Find The Source Of A Leak (do you want to do this as one person suggested and add more water inside?)

The first step should be a good water test — one that takes some time, as you may need to allow the water to travel its path before you will see it coming into the interior space.  I would recommend using a garden hose with the nozzle set on a wide spray.
Take your time, with one person on the inside watching and another working their way spraying water along all seams, roof vents, and even the siding itself.  Don’t forget any windows that may be involved.  The air conditioner on the roof is sealed with a foam rubber gasket placed underneath the unit.  Be sure to run water around that A/C, as it can migrate to other spots under the rubber roof. 
Start your water test from the ground up.  As soon as water shows up inside, you’ll know where the problem lies.  That way, you’ll know for sure if the leak is in the vertical seem or somewhere else.
In this case, Paul seems convinced that the problem is located at the rear corners of his 5th wheel trailer.  Exterior corner construction of a trailer with aluminum siding is accomplished by the 2 sides being trimmed so that they are close together at the intersection of the corner. 
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